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Storm Protection

By September 15, 2023September 19th, 2023Video

How does a log home perform in severe storms? Hear stories of two of our log homeowners that experienced up to an EF5 tornado and how their homes withstood the onslaught of Mother Nature. Learn how logs hold up to what Mother Nature can hand out.

Storm Protection – Video Transcription


Hi, Lynn Gastineau here. Being in the Midwest, we’re all aware of tornadoes and the damage they can do to homes. One advantage that I believe log home construction has the ability to withstand tornadoes. I know it may sound funny, but it’s really true. We had a home in Western Kansas that was hit by an EF5 tornado with 250 mile per hour winds. All it did was pull the porch off the roof. The engineer who examined the home literally told me that if the people had been sitting in their living room, all they would have gotten is wet.

We had another situation where a customer had a direct hit by a tornado in Eldon, Missouri. In this particular situation, the customer was sitting in his living room. His home was built on a crawl space, so he had no place to go. Again, all it did was tear his porch off, but the frame garage that was next to his home was completely gone, as well as the 30 by 60 shed building that was built next to his house. They were completely destroyed, nothing but the slab. The gentleman told me that if he had been in a frame home, he would be dead. He would not have lived through it.

These are direct situations where our customers have felt that the log home performed much better in a tornado than a typical frame construction.

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