When a full log doesn’t make sense.

Therma-Log and Smart Match sidings are very popular for dormers, garages, walk out basements and other places where full log is not a logical choice. You may even choose to have Therma-logs installed on a conventionally constructed home and have the look of a log home. Therma-Log siding comes six or eight inches high and are three inches thick at their middle. They will have the flat or rounded appearance of a full width log as you desire. Smart Match log siding also comes six or eight inches high but will only be two inches thick at the middle.

Therma-Log Siding corners can be mitered to form a 90 degree corner, they can be cut at the mill to project similarly to the Butt and Pass full log corners, or they can be made to butt into a vertically installed round corner post. Smart Match siding can be butted to a flat trim board or to a round corner post.

The GLH Therma-Log System

The best of both worlds! Our Therma-Log System combines the beauty and energy benefits of log construction with the conventionally framed construction. The Therma-Log System incorporates three inches of solid tongue and grooved log on the exterior of a 2” X 6” framed and insulated wall. The interior is then covered with your choice of optional Smart Match siding, 1” X 6” tongue & groove pine, drywall or other finishes. Therma-Log offers superior energy efficiency over conventionally framed homes. With full log corners, a Therma-Log home is indistinguishable in appearance from a home built with “full profile” eight inch wide logs.

What is included in a Therma-Log Kit?

We have designed our Therma-Log home packages to match our full log packages in degree of completeness. The Therma-Log exterior wall includes the 2” X 6” framing, sheathing, 6” fiberglass wall insulation, and 3” X 8” Oak Therma-Log siding with full log corners (Butt and Pass). The other materials are identical to the full log package except that the adjusters and other devices to allow for settlement are not needed. A Quality Assurance Visit is also not needed with a Therma-Log package as the home does not have to be built to allow for settlement.

What is the price of a Therma-Log package?

We offer the Therma-Log packages for the same price as our standard log packages.

Want more information?

Our staff is eager to speak with you even if your log home purchase is years away!