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R Value

By September 15, 2023November 15th, 2023Video

How energy efficient is a log wall? What does it mean when the “R” value is used as a measurement of energy efficiency? What other factors contribute to a home being easy to heat and cool? What is the equivalent R value of an 8” thick log wall? Find out in this video on R Value.

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So, what is the R-value of a log home? A log wall is a very efficient method of construction. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The value of R is something we could discuss for several hours, and whether it is a true measurement of an energy-efficient home. R-value is only one component that contributes to making your home energy efficient. Also important is thermal mass, in which a log wall excels, and the air infiltration rate, in which a log wall again has excellent performance. When trying to convert a log wall into an R-value using graphs and tables, it boils down to an eight-inch-thick log is going to perform approximately equal to an R-21. That is for an 8 inch thick log. However, if you have a narrower log, it will not perform as well. Additionally, if a log wall is not properly sealed, it will not perform as well either. The R-value is just one small factor in determining the overall energy efficiency of a log wall.