Make The Right Choice

As a log home supplier, we assist our customers in their search for a log home builder in two ways:

1. Providing them with the names and contact information of log home builders.

2. Providing training and support for all log home builders, including those on our builder list and builders that our customers have found independently.

Our Builder List

We accomplish #1 above by providing our customers with a Gastineau Log Home Builders List. There are two groups of builders on this list. Group A are builders that have built one of our log homes and have completed a Quality Assurance Visit. Group B is a list of builders that have not built one of our log homes but have completed a Gastineau Log Home Construction Seminar. After they have built one of our log homes and completed our Quality Assurance Visit successfully, they are moved into Group A. None of the builders on the Builders List A or B are in any way connected, either financially or otherwise, with Gastineau Log Homes.

Our Training and Support

Construction Seminars

We accomplish #2 above in a variety of ways. We host full day “Construction Seminars.” These are free to builders and customers. We teach builders the unique things specific to log construction and cost estimating. Although consumers are also at the seminar, there will be separate “Builder” and “Customer” tracks.

Construction Manual

Our packages include a copy of our very detailed yet easy to read Construction Manual. A Toll Free Service number is available to you and your builder to ask any questions that may come up before or during the construction of your home.

In House Engineer

Our staff has decades of experience in log home construction. Each set of blueprints that we prepare is designed to meet the national building code and is engineered to ensure structural integrity and a lifetime of worry free living. A Missouri licensed engineer is on hand to provide any custom engineering required.

Quality Assurance Visit

One of our experienced Construction Specialists will visit each job site during construction to make sure the home has been built in accordance with our plans, specifications, engineering and Construction Manual. GLH is the only company in the nation to provide this service. As a result, you and your builder have the peace of mind knowing that all the construction details have been properly followed. We encourage both you and your builder to be present during this QA Visit.

Our Responsibility Form

If you are planning to hire a builder to construct your log home, be sure to ask for our Responsibility Form. This can also be used to compare quotations from various log home builders to ensure that the quotes are “apples to apples”. If you hope to provide some of the materials yourself, you will need this to verify that the builder is only providing what you expect. Give us a call to obtain a free copy.

Get Multiple Bids

It is your sole responsibility as the customer to arrange for the construction of your home. We suggest that you talk to several log home builders and other builders in your area. Always check references and visit at least one of their completed structures if possible. It is also good to ask for bids from more than one builder. However, remember to look at both “cost” and at “quality” when choosing a builder.

Want more information?

Our staff is eager to speak with you even if your log home purchase is years away!