What’s the first step?

The first step is to contact one of our representatives at Gastineau Log Homes. Wherever you are in the country we will assist you in touring a Gastineau Log Home or Model Home. You will discover first hand the integrity and beauty our product offers.

When should you get started? Your urgency is created by your own time frame and the process of designing and building a custom home. We begin by asking you a simple question:

When do you want to move in?

The planning process begins with the answer to that question. From there we determine how to proceed. The pace of the process depends on the complexity of the design, local procedures, and your personal time frame.

The Process Timeline assists you in developing a planning calendar. Each step of the process is assigned a “deadline” that requires the next decision milestone. Your GLH representative will help you fill in the appropriate dates.

As a general guideline, here’s what to expect at each step:


The first step is to determine if our product and services meet your expectations. First, we explore the various possibilities in terms of log profile and species for full log, timber frame vs post and beam, a Therma-Log home or maybe a Hybrid. Then we discuss your needs in terms of size, floor plan and style. Of course, all of these considerations will be related to your overall budget. If you decide that our systems and designs meet your expectations and budget, you move to the next step.


Your GLH Representative will prepare a package estimate based on the design you have developed. This can be done in a matter of days. Depending on the complexity of your design, this estimate should be accurate within 7%. If the estimate and preliminary design meet your needs, the next step is your first financial commitment.

Preliminary Deposit

If you have selected to build one of our standard designs with minimal changes, you will skip this step. If your design is a highly modified standard plan or even a custom floor plan, then you will need to provide a Preliminary Deposit in order for us to prepare your design drawings. These will provide you with a set of plans, detailed specifications, and a firm quote based on your design requirements. You may use these plans to obtain a construction estimate from your builder, apply for financing, and begin to shop for finishes. Depending on the complexity of your design, this step generally takes one to three months. We can move as quickly as your schedule dictates.

Purchase Agreement

Here’s your last step in the decision making process with GLH. Once your design is finalized and the quote is revised you are ready to execute a Contract which freezes your price and begins the final Design and Engineering process for manufacture and delivery. As you finalize financing and a contract with the builder, we will prepare final drawings and a materials list. The builder applies for permits, clears the land, and prepares the foundation. Then you are ready to call for delivery of the log home package. Depending on the local building permit process and scheduling with your builder, plan on two to four months for this step.

On Site Construction

Most log home packages take two to four months to construct. Once the home is “dried in” (tight to the weather), you should schedule your Quality Assurance Visit. Completion time for your home depends on whether you are finishing the home yourself or have chosen a “Turn Key” completion by a General Contractor. This can take from three to nine months, depending on the complexity and level of finishes.

Move In

Here’s the day you have been waiting for! Your Gastineau Log Home is complete and ready for years of enjoyment.

Most of our customers take about a year to complete the whole process. You can take even longer if you like. And, of course, we can move much faster when you are in a rush. The important thing is to establish a timeline and follow the process. By doing so, you won’t “feel” rushed and will enjoy the process of planning your dream.

Want more information?

Our staff is eager to speak with you even if your log home purchase is years away!