Since 1977

At Gastineau Log Homes, we have been wrapping people in solid oak since 1977. You might come across our homes anywhere…Sprinkled across America and Canada, on Japanese mountainsides and cliffs along the Baltic Sea, perched on mountaintops and nestled in forest glens, facing ocean winds and sitting on manicured suburban lawns. We pride ourselves on homes of all sizes and shapes to fit all budgets and lifestyles.

From Our Family To Yours

Gastineau is a family business that grew out of a hardwood sawmill business. Our experience with oak dates back to 1954. Since our beginning, Gastineau has been unique in featuring log homes of solid oak. Although we also offer other wood species, oak has been our hallmark. Consider such fine wood products as oak cabinetry, oak flooring and oak furniture. These are all known for their beauty, strength and durability. Imagine a log home with all of these qualities. and you’ve just imagined a Gastineau solid oak log home. The qualities that make oak a superior wood for flooring and furniture also make it an outstanding choice for log home construction. Strength, durability, versatility and beauty all make an oak log home exceptional.

Let’s Dream Together

At Gastineau, we understand the log home dream. We share with you the belief that log homes offer beauty, security and comfort unmatched by any other type of construction. We realize that, unlike any other type of home, a log home is an emotional as well as financial investment. We understand that many of our customers have spent years planning their dream, choosing floorplans and finding just the right setting. We try to match that dedication in helping fulfill their highest expectation.

Contact Us Today

To help you discover the magic of log home living, we have a network of representatives around the country. If you are not convenient to one of our representatives, our headquarters has a full time sales staff ready to help. So join us to discover the world of Gastineau Log Homes.

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Our staff is eager to speak with you about owning a log home, even if you think your log home purchase is many years away.