Our Exclusive Construction Details

The GLH Smart Log profile is vitality important but there are other parts of the log wall construction that must be considered as well. GLH has developed construction details and methods in all of these areas. These include, but are not limited to, the corner and butt joints, the door and window frames, and the attachment of frame partition walls to the log walls.

Spline Grooves for Butt Joints and Corners

There will be joints in the log wall where the logs meet. This vertical joint must be sealed in a way that is weatherproof but will not interfere with the settlement of the log wall. Also, it is important that it be easy to install properly. All logs from GLH are manufactured with a groove on each end of the log. When the logs are put in place, these grooves line up creating the location for the GLH spline gasket. The gasket material is a closed cell foam that will prevent water infiltration but is pliable so it will compress from the weight of the logs. A special “shoehorn” tool is used to insert the spline gasket into the proper location. The shoehorn is included with every kit. In addition, since there will be logs cut at the job site, it is necessary that the groove cut be duplicated at the site.Three jigs are included with every kit to ensure that the builder can quickly and easily add a splined joint to a log.

Pre-cut Splined Window and Door Frames

Installing the proper size door and window frames has never been this easy! All the door and window frames for the log walls come from GLH ready to nail together in the sizes specified on your blueprints. You don’t have to read the plans to get the rough opening dimensions and then cut the frames to fit. Each set of frames is cut to length and individually wrapped and identified by name. You simply nail the pieces together and place at the proper location in the log wall. The two side pieces of the frame are splined to fit the groove notches cut in the end of the logs. This spline holds the window in place while allowing the logs to settle down the buck. A special sealer is also used at the spline which will provide an air and water seal but not interfere with the settlement process. Also included with all GLH kits is the gasket that goes above the frame in the settlement space plus the special profile gasket for each side of the doors and windows. The profile gasket seals off the gaps created by placing a flat exterior trim on the round log exterior. Note: The precut frames are included when the windows and doors are purchased from GLH. If the windows and doors are not purchased from GLH, random length frames are available for cutting on the job site.

Exclusive GLH Wall Guides

Typically, a log home is constructed with log exterior walls with 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 frame walls that partition or divide up the interior living space into rooms. We call those frame walls the “partition” walls. It is very important that these partition walls be attached to the log walls in a manner that allows the logs to naturally dry and settle. The GLH wall guides provide a very secure attachment of the frame walls to the log walls but allows for any log settlement. An added advantage to the wall guides is that they provide a very strong and stable vertical surface. This minimizes the chances of a log wall bowing over the years.

Logs Around the Subfloors

GLH provides two rows of logs to encircle, or go around, your subfloor. GLH is the only company to provide this structural improvement. We feel it is extremely important as it allows you to bolt the log wall to the concrete foundation, it is much more energy efficient, it provides higher seismic and\ high wind ratings, and it even looks better!

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