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“Gastineau Log Homes’ follow up service is outstanding…”

B. & J. – NE

“I can sincerely state that it was indeed a delight and pleasure to do business with your company and organization, and I intend to repeat our story to anyone I ever meet who has an interest in log homes. Let me conclude by just saying “Thanks.””

R. & S. – IL

“I visited the show homes at New Bloomfield and was shown everything… The Gastineau reps knew much more about their product than the other companies I visited… I found that during and after construction, Gastineau stood behind me.”

J.W. – AR

“We have been very pleased with the service we received. We appreciate that kind of service, especially dealing long distance.”

P. & P. – New York

“Every employee we dealt with was courteous. Your product was as good as hoped for. We now have a beautiful home to be proud of…”

J. & L. – MO

“Blueprints that were drawn for our custom plan were very good…We are very impressed with the willingness of Gastineau to help customize…”

D.W. – PA

“Other than your product, an especially important consideration was the candid and straightforward manner in which we were dealt with. No pressure sales; I felt we were dealing with very honest business people.”

D. & M. – IL

“We would like to thank everyone involved in the construction and financing of our home… we are thrilled to be in our home. We wanted to let everyone involved know how pleased we are with our beautiful home. Also, we feel privileged that we were able to deal with so many friendly, courteous, and professional people. You have all helped make our building experience a pleasant one.”

D. & K.

“This letter expresses our complete satisfaction with the progress and skill demonstrated by (name withheld) in the construction of our home.”

A. & B. – NE

“…I would like to thank you for providing what you said you would, when you said it would be here and the professionalism which you did it. Everyone at Gastineau is top notch and should be proud of how you all work as a team.”

T. & W.

“I have owned my Gastineau Log Home for over 25 years… I am happy in my original decision to use Gastineau Log Homes and appreciate all the help and support you have given me, after the initial sale. Your product and service is excellent and I would recommend your company to any potential log home buyers.”

R. & C. – KY

“Lynn and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the others at the company for your help and patience with us in getting the home under construction. The men who delivered the logs were most friendly and courteous.”

L. & J.

“Thanks for a great home. Everyone I worked with were professional and helpful. Your service and help during construction and after have been terrific.”


[Gastineau Log Homes] “was one of the best I have ever dealt with”

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Answer

Material Quality:

“The logs were of excellent quality. We have had minimum checking. All of the employees at Gastineau were very courteous and knowledgeable, which was important to a ‘first timer’… Keep up the excellent work as you have made our dreams for a gorgeous log home come true.”

R. & L. – TX

“The home is all we hoped it would be, warm and cozy, roomy and a pleasure to live in. Were I to build another home, I would certainly consider your company and product…”

M. & J. – IL

“We would not buy from any other company. We checked with at least 20 other places.

B. & E. – AR

“We’ve been absolutely pleased with the log kit and resulting home…”

R. &. L. – OH

“…the crew I have working on the house were totally impressed with the quality of each shipment. These guys have been building homes and log homes for many years and the windows really impressed them.”


“The house is coming along well. The biggest problem we have is with the rafter materials; the boards are just too straight. My contractor and I spend 5 minutes per board arguing about which side is the crown; then we toss a coin. While we occasionally find a piece of lumber that out to be fireplace fodder, GLH certainly provided very nice sticks.”

H.E. – MO

“Wanted to say thanks for the April seminar. It was very informative. Being a builder for the past 20 some years, and not having experience building a log home, I feel much more confortable in knowing what it will take to construct an Oak log home. I also feel your company has done a lot of research to develop the system you know have. I would highly recommend Gastineau Log Homes if I get the chance in the future. Thanks again for the seminar.”

J.H. – IN


“Oak logs for a same price as Pine was #1 reason for choosing Gastineau… Overall price of custom home was very reasonable…”

R. & K. – AR

“We are very pleased with our finished home, and feel we got good value for our money…”

L. & K. – MO

Energy Efficiency:

“…we are very pleased with the way our home looks and especially heats!”

R.N. & T.B. – IA

“We LOVE our Missourian Oak Log Home! It is truly a pleasure living in it! And we never tire of its beauty, warmth and cozy feel! We love showing it off to others, and telling our story of the building process, and how it was a labor of LOVE! We went total electric, and have to say it is so easy to heat and cool!

K. & S. – MO

“We are very happy with Gastineau. “J” was just saying the other night how glad she was we decided to pick Gastineau. We just got our electric bill for last month and it was only $98. Got to love a log with with a heat pump!”

J. & J. – TN

Dealer Dealings:

“My dealings with (Dealer) have been excellent. He has been honest and reliable and has handled all details in an exceptional manner…”

T.B. – WI

“(Dealer) was a great help to us and acted very professional in his efforts…”

J.M. – MO

“…Bottom line is that we love the home. Thanks for helping us along with it. I also wanted to let you know that “M” has been fantastic. He and his crew did excellent work throughout; they were very responsive to our change requests, and “M” provided many helpful suggestions of his own. “

A.C. – MO

“Our dealer/builder did an outstanding job of selling and building our home. He did the project on time and on budget. We had our open house the past weekend and all our friends and neighbors loved the house.”

M. & J. – IL

“We are enjoying the cabin. It’s a get-away/guest/ministry place. Our son and his family are coming to relax there for a few days. Wanted to tell you too that “J” and his crew did a great job. We’ve become good friends.”

D. & S. – IL


“I couldn’t be happier with our Gastineau home.When we finally finish the landscaping, I will send lots of photos. One fascinating aspect of our home is the natural lighting. Sunlight passes through the trapezoid windows and the beveled glass of the front door. It slips through loft railings and past posts and beams. The geometric shapes of light and shadow are fascinating inside, and always changing as the sun traverses the sky.” TW – MO

“…we love our home and are very pleased with the finished product. We will be glad to show it to anyone interested in log homes.”

J. & L. – KS

“…out rates any log homes around here!”

W.P. – MO

“We’re very pleased with the product, people and service of Gastineau Log Homes. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. We’ve recommended Gastineau to three other parties interested in building a log home…”

S. & D. – IL

“I am pleased to say that I think my choice of your company was the best one I could have made…”

R.M. – MO

“We are very pleased with our home and very proud of its’ appearance and ambiance…”

G. & V. – OH

“…we couldn’t have been more pleased from the first day we walked in your office and continuing throughout the building process. We would be happy to be classed as a pleased customer and would highly recommend you to anyone.”

K. & D. – OH

“No problems, the service was excellent, your staff was great, and I love the log home.”

V.S. – MO

“Our log home keeps getting better every year…Thank you for selling is this home!”

S. & J.

“…10 years here and we still love it!”

J. – OH

“We LOVE our log house…If I had to move, I would build another log cabin. It is like being on vacation every day.”

C.F. – MD

“I am still enjoying the house like the first day.”


“Our building experience has been a memorable undertaking, for the most part everything has gone according to plan and we are very satisfied with our new home.”

B. & J. – OH

“We are very proud of our home and get so very many compliments on it- both exterior and interior.”

D. & D. – NE

“We have been in our new log home for over a year, celebrating our 2nd Christmas, and have enjoyed every minute. It’s like being on vacation all year long.”

R. & S. – IL

“The house is beautiful and we really enjoy it.”

B. & T.

“We are still very happy with our home. We have had lots of questions from people about our Gastineau home. Thanks for everything you and the other Gastineau employees have done for us.”

C.P. – MO

“We love our house and wanted to share it with you.”

D. & J. – MO

“We love our log home. We have lived in it for 3 years now and had it open 2 years for the Christmas Tour of homes in the Bay.”

D. & C.

“We purchased our log home from Gastineau in the fall of 1995. We have been very pleased with our new home and love it tremendously! So much so that our e-mail address reflects that- glog (g for glenn and log).”

R.G. – IN

“I built my Gastineau log home in 1995 and love it.”


“…we have had our log home for four years now. It is our weekend retreat, and we absolutely love it.”


“It seems so long ago that we built our log house (1990). It has held up very well, it is built like a rock… We really like our house, it is so quiet inside. The walls are so solid we have to go outside to use our cell phones.”

B. & C.

“…we really love our home and tell everybody where we got our logs and beams.”


“Lynn, after 15 or so years we are still enjoying our log home after all this time.”

J. & D., Mount Ida, AR

“We love our Missouri oak log home…the house is more lovely than ever, now.”

B. & L.

“We are really enjoying our Gastineau home…it is our pride and joy.”

F. & D.

“…it is hard to believe next spring will mark 10 years since we built our Gastineau Log Home. It gets better every year! Last year we were approached by a film company who wanted to see our log home for a movie scene. When they got here they fell in love and ended up shooting over an hour of a two and a half hour movie right in and around our house. Thanks again for everything you did for us.”


“I am really enjoying my new cabin.”


“We have been living our dream for the last 8 years. I forget how lucky we are until someone comes out and goes on and on about our beautiful home. We have never been disappointed that we built our log home.”

J.J. – IL

“We built our Gastineau Log Home in 1986 and receive great pleasure living in this comfortable dwelling surrounded by the beautiful woodlands of the Lake of the Ozarks.”

K. & M. – MO

“I live in Curacao Netherlands Antilles. Ten years ago I bought a Monticello log home. We enjoy it everyday.”

H. I., Netherlands

“We have been in our home since 3/3/06 and just love it.”

T. & C.

“We just love the house. It turned out perfect… it is the talk of the community. People have said it is the most beautiful house they have seen and the perfect location up on a hill at an angle. Those that have seen the inside just say “Wow” when they walk in. We are so glad we chose Gastineau Log Homes. People just can’t believe the house is all oak. We can’t imagine having anything else.”


“Please thank everyone at Gastineau for giving us something anyone would be proud of.”

J.R. & L.X., Texas

“I am sending some pictures of our terrific log home…My 84 year old mother is living with us and she loves it also. And every person who has come into our home has been awed by the beauty and massiveness of the building. We will recommend Gastineau Log Homes to anyone who is interested. In fact we already have.”

F. & M. – OH

“As the house nears completion, my family has been overwhelmed by the beauty of the design and the materials. I’m thrilled every time we get to the site for another weekend of sweat equity. It is truly a blessing to own such a marvelous home.”

T.W. – MO

“I have sure enjoyed the home since building in 1995 – 1996; just wish that D. would have been able to enjoy it longer than he did. What is really important though and gives me great comfort is what we did have and that we both loved the experience of building and enjoying it prior to his passing. However, because of the wood in the home, D is ever present with all of his wonderful added touches to it.” (rec’d 2013)

P.Z. – WI

“It is everything we hoped it would be and more. Building the home has been very hard work because we chose to do a lot of the work ourselves. We also have been able to do it at our own pace and put our own stamp on it. The workshop that we attended was a really good primer. Lynn and staff have only been an outstanding company to deal with. We are so glad that we chose to build a Gastineau Log Home. Thank You!”

H. & S. – IL

“To all the great people at Gastineau Log Homes. Your tremendous cooperation and help have made this a truly enjoyable experience. That you so much.”

E.B. – MI

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