Gastineau’s Time Tested SmartLog™

Building log homes since 1977 has led us to our present log profile and joinery system which we call the SmartLog™. The design is “smart” and has several unique design features which make Gastineau SmartLog™ perform above industry standards.

Two Sealing Channels

The single tongue and groove log is a familiar profile in the log home industry, but it is usually only sealed on the top of the tongue. The Gastineau SmartLog™ have two separate sealing channels on both side of the tongue. A continuous bead of our exclusive Log Bond adhesive is placed in both channels. One tongue, but two separate sealing areas, make our logs far exceed the industry standard.

Superior Engineering

When the logs are stacked, the tongue and groove lock together, reducing twisting. On top of the tongue is an airspace which has three purposes:

  • Provides a dead airspace increasing the logs energy efficiency
  • Allows clearance for the heads of the log fasteners as the logs settle
  • Ensures the weight bearing is properly distributed along the interior and exterior edges, securing the logs tightly. It also makes the construction of a plumb log wall quicker and easier.

Pre-drilled For Fasteners

All of our logs included in our log cabin home kits arrive at the site pre-drilled every 16” for the log fasteners. This keeps the log fastener vertically straight as the logs are screwed together. It also helps the log fastener head to counter sink into the top log as it is installed.

Better Caulk Performance

All caulk manufacturers state that two-point adhesion is critical for maximum performance of their caulk products. Most caulk failure can be attributed to an application that resulted in three-sided adhesion (or continuous adhesion). Our SmartLog™ profile include a machined caulk channel 1/4” high by 1/2” deep on the exterior side. A 1/4” backer rod is placed into the back of the caulk channel and then a bead of caulk is tooled into the channel. The backer rod is flexible and thus does not restrict the flexibility of the caulk that is securely adhered along the top and bottom sides. This forces the caulk to stick to the logs, resulting in two sided adhesion, thus eliminating caulk failure and minimizing maintenance. Additionally, using backer rod reduces the amount of caulk used during application.

Flexible Construction

At Gastineau Log Homes, we believe that providing random length logs and cutting them to length at the job site is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to build your log home. And our 40+ year history in the industry has proven this.

Simple, Quick Wall Construction

You are probably asking yourself “How can random length logs be easier?” It is because the actual construction process requires less steps and is less complicated than using precut log lengths. Our random length logs only have to be cut next to a door, window or in the corners. This means the builder only has to handle the logs once. Simply pick the log that is nearest to you, apply two continuous beads of Log Bond, and set the log in place. The builder does not have to presort the logs according to numbers or wall designations. Additionally, we provide you with the jigs and router bit needed to duplicate splines when field cuts are  made. Combined this with our precut door and window jambs and you will discover that erecting our log wall is simple and quick.

On-site Modifications

Another advantage to random length logs is that you can modify doors and window sizes and/or locations at the job site. If you are trying to capture a spectacular view, the location of glass can be critical. Moving a window a mere six inches can make the difference between being able to see the view from your bed or looking at the window trim.

Construction Seminars

Gastineau Log Homes holds construction seminars at various times during the year. These are designed for both the home owner and the builder. Let our construction experts show you how easy our system is to construct. Contact your sales representative for the dates of our upcoming seminars.

Want more information?

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