We know you have questions and there is a lot to
learn, so we make it as easy as possible: Talk to a
knowledgeable member of the GLH staff. Look at
our website. Read our Oak Leaf newsletters. Look at
photos on Facebook. Examine floor plans. Decide if
you want log, post and beam or hybrid construction.


There are some basic elements of your new home
that need to be decided upon such as overall layout
and size, size of log, type of corners, foundation,
those “must have” amenities, and how much you
wish to invest in your home. But don’t worry – GLH
will be there every step of the way to help!


If you do not already own a building site, now is the
time to buy land. Your land may influence your design
choices and help guide a few decisions.


Based on your design decisions we can now sketch
out a floor plan to help determine an overall budget.
We can start with one of our 70 standard plans,
modify an existing plan, or create a unique design
built just for you! This is where we get into all the
details, as your unique design and finishing choices
will drive your overall budget.

DREAMSCAPE: The Journey of Exploring, Planning, and ultimately Building your Dream Gastineau Log Home


Either through a Purchase Agreement or with a Preliminary
Plan Authorization, it’s time to get your decisions and
planning on paper! Our 3D-CAD system will allow you to
virtually “walk” through your dream home, both inside and
out, to make sure every detail is perfect for you and your
family. You will also choose finishes such as window, door,
and roof colors, to give you a true vision of your completed
dream home.


Either through GLH’s extensive builders list or from your own
connections, meet and talk with builders to decide who you
want to build your home. This will further help finalize your
budget and design choices. Thinking of building your Oak log
home yourself? We have a comprehensive construction manual
and seminars to support and instruct you through the process.


You’re almost to the finish line! Time to wrap up your financing,
sign an agreement with your builder, and finalize your blueprints.
If you have not already done so, you need to prepare your site for
construction and to receive materials. On our end, we will be busy
completing your material list and producing your home.


Watching your dream home take shape means your planning
is paying off! We work with both you and your builder to
ensure that building materials are delivered in stages, as you
need them. Before you know it, you’ll be moving in and living
the Oak Log Home dream!

Want more information?

Our staff is eager to speak with you even if your log home purchase is years away!