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Many Choices of Windows to Enhance Your New Log Home

By November 29, 2018October 25th, 2022Building Process, Decision Process, Log Home Design
Many Choices of Windows to Enhance Your New Log Home

Did you know that some log homes have more glass than logs!  Using glass windows and doors throughout a log home to capture the beautiful landscape and views is one of the most favorite amenities in log homes. There are many options and varieties to open up your home to its beautiful surroundings and let the “outside in” to capture the perfect ambiance.

How do I decide which windows to choose?

You will have many decisions to make including what types of windows to choose and where to locate them in your home.  Consider the cost and style you want from the many different types of windows available.   One of the first considerations will be the shape of your windows.  Do you want round, square or triangle shaped windows or a combination of all of the above in your new home? By price, the circle tops are the most expensive, with a trap glass next, and the square or rectangle standards windows being the least expensive.

Consider how windows will enhance the enjoyment of your home. Kitchens are central to the life of a home and are as important as the living room.  Most kitchens only have one window over the sink resulting in a dark kitchen.  Let the sunshine come in with multiple windows over the sink plus a glass side door that lets in lots of light.

Windows are important in the bathroom, especially if you want to look out as you soak in the tub or take a shower. Imagine how relaxing it is to look out at the water of a large lake while you soak in the tub or take a shower.

What is the difference between a double hung window and a single hung window?

They look the same built with a single hung window, only one sash is movable (usually the bottom) and the other is fixed.  Both window sashes slide up and down in a double hung window.  Single hung windows are slightly less expensive but not as popular.

What is an egress window?

 Building codes require that windows in certain locations be large enough and low enough to allow entrance for emergency staff.  Often this is an issue in bedrooms as there is not a door for access.  If you have an exterior door in the bedroom there is no need to allow for egress windows. Gastineau Log Homes will always design your home to meet egress for national codes.  If your local code requires a larger opening, we can accommodate that for you as well.

Part of the ambiance of a log home is bringing the “outside in” to your home.  Let us help you achieve that goal! Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience  helping people realize their dream of building a log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your log home dream together.