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How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Log Home with Lighting

By January 12, 2019Log Home Design
How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Log Home with Lighting

Lighting is a very important component of building and designing a new home. Choosing the right lighting for your home can have a huge return on a small investment of your time and will enhance the beauty of your new log home.  Lighting has the power to transform a small room to look open an airy, or a large room to appear cozy and inviting.

Lighting is both functional and decorative. 

First, you have to consider how you will be using a space, the atmosphere you hope to create and the decorative elements you wish to highlight.  But you cannot “hide” all of your lighting so it is a very important element in your overall decorating theme.  The style, finish and glass you choose for your fixtures sets the theme of your interior decorating. The number one tip for lighting a wood home is to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of lighting in place.

Smart lighting strategies will enhance the beauty of your home.    

The most common mistake home buyers of log homes make is to under budget for their lighting needs. This is because wood walls and ceilings absorb light more than those in a conventional home with drywall.  The materials in your home and its design will determine the type and number of light fixtures you will need to sufficiently illuminate your home.  The size of your rooms, color of the cabinetry, paneling and flooring, open spaces, cathedral ceilings, dormers that give natural lighting, and cost of labor to install them may determine how much to budget.

There are three basic lighting types—general, task and accent. 

You should include all three types when designing your home. General lighting takes the place of sunlight, and is necessary to help you see and safely move about your home.  Task lighting helps you to effectively do specific tasks like cooking, cleaning or reading.  Accent lighting will enhance the beauty of a space and will draw your eyes to a specific area that is highlighted.

There are important considerations for lighting sources. 

Ceiling fixtures are important for general lighting in high traffic areas of the home.  Wall mounted fixtures provide general, task and accent lighting throughout a home.  Chandeliers may be used in a variety of spaces including the foyer, bedrooms or living room and open spaces.  Pendants are hung from the ceiling and are useful for task lighting.  Recessed lighting is useful to illuminate a space and is employed in ceilings or under eaves outside.  Exterior lighting is important for both the beauty of a home and for safety considerations. Illuminating steps, paths and driveways will help prevent after dark mishaps.

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