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Gastineau Log Homes is the Best Choice to Build Your New Log Home – Here’s Why!

Gastineau Log Homes is the Best Choice to Build Your New Log Home - Here's Why!

When you choose to build a log or timber home, you have the opportunity to create a special place that comes alive with your own personality, lifestyle and interests. We at Gastineau Log Homes (GLH) are committed to making your dreams come true, by helping you with the design, construction and maintenance of a log or timber frame home.

We are more than just Oak logs.

People say the number one reason they choose us for their new log home is because we are the world’s leading producer of Oak.  We do offer other choices including Eastern White Pine, Cypress and Cedar.  We know the pros and cons of all the wood species, and can give you our honest and professional view on the best choice for you.


We are extremely proud of the reputation we have attained since establishing our business 41 years ago in 1977. We have shipped homes to all 50 states and 12 different countries!

We know the best way to build a log home.

We have designed and engineered a smart log wall system that gets tighter over time and provides a life time warranty against caulk failure.  We have a totally comprehensive design from the sill plate to the roof.

We offer full design services.

You can start with a custom plan and modify it. If we don’t have any designs in our standard catalog that fit your needs, simply send us your design.

We offer a quality assurance visit.

Our experienced GLH construction experts will do an inspection on your log home to make sure your home is built according to our standards, the builder is assured he is building the home properly, and the home will perform as designed.

Our logs go around your subfloor and are bolted to your foundation.

Most log home companies stack the exterior walls on top of the subfloor.  GLH provides extra rows of logs to go around your subfloor, and is the only company to provide this structural improvement.  This results in a more energy efficient home, with insulated walls around the subfloor, and provides higher seismic and high wind ratings.

Strength of structure.

GLH wall guides provide a very secure attachment of the frame walls to the log walls while also allowing for log settlement. An added benefit is that the wall guides are a very strong and a stable vertical surface which minimizes the chances of a log wall bowing years later.

We install pre-cut and splined window and door frames.

Installing the proper size door and window frames has never been this easy!

Last but definitely not least!

In our facilities and offices we have over 143 years of experience and knowledge on hand to advise you through the process! GLH has the facilities and people to make sure our satisfied customers realize their dream of building a new log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your dreams together.