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What Is The Difference Between An RV, A Park Model, A Mobile Home And A Modular Home?

By July 21, 2021July 13th, 2022Log Home Design

There are lots of different types of non-site-built homes, including RVs, park models, mobile homes, and modular homes. What’s the difference between each one? Great question. In this blog, Gastineau Log Homes will explain everything you need to know!

The Differences Between Common Home Types – What You Need To Know

RVs, park models, mobile homes, and modular homes all are different housing designations that must follow code requirements set by the government. Here’s a quick overview of each one.

  • RVs – RVs can be either motorized or can be trailers pulled by other vehicles. They are road-legal and are built to be transported to various locations easily, without the need for any kind of permit from the government.
  • Park Models – Park models are RVs that are semi-permanent, and are usually intended for seasonal or recreational use. They must meet ANSI 199.5 code requirements, cannot exceed 400 square feet, and have to be built on a permanent chassis. Lofts and porches do not count to the 400 square foot requirement, so they can be added for more versatility.
  • Mobile homes – Mobile homes are now called “Manufactured Homes” and are built to specified national requirements set by the HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). They are meant for full-time occupancy. They are limited to one story, but can be built to any square footage. They require a permanent chassis.
  • Modular homes – Modular homes are built to IRC code requirements, meaning that they follow the same quality requirements as site-built homes. They can be one or two stories in height, and do not require any kind of chassis.

Interested In A Park Model Log Home? We’re Here To Help!

At Gastineau Log Homes, we offer a variety of park model log home kits that are ideal for building a weekend getaway or other seasonal housing. To learn more about our moveable log homes, contact us online. Our team is always here to help.