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Sustainable Building Practices in Log Home Construction


The log home industry is increasing sustainable and eco-friendly building practices, responding to the growing demand for an environmentally conscious living. At Gastineau Log Homes, we are proud to say that we were “green” before being green was cool! By nature of our product, building a log home is inherently sustainable, but we also integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our process.

Solar Kilns

One of the exclusive sustainable practices Gastineau Log Homes uses is the use of solar kilns for drying our wood. Unlike traditional kilns that rely on fossil fuels, solar kilns use the power of the sun to dry the lumber. This method significantly reduces the ecological footprint and ensures that the wood maintains its natural integrity. Solar kilns are a testament to our sustainability commitment, offering an eco-friendly alternative.

We Buy Local

All of our oak logs are purchased from local mills within Missouri. The trees are logged and then transported to nearby mills, minimizing transportation needs. And because we are centrally located in Missouri, we are only a couple of hours away from these mills. This means that the emissions from sourcing materials for your log home are incredibly low, making our procurement process very eco-friendly.

Energy-Efficient Designs

Energy efficiency is another cornerstone of our sustainable approach. Our log homes are designed to maximize radiant heat and minimize energy consumption. Features such as high-quality windows and efficient heating and cooling systems, we take advantage of natural light and reduced emissions to reducing the carbon footprint of our log homes.

Sustainable Log Homes

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every log home we offer. Our log homes offer long-term benefits such as lower energy bills, reduced environmental impact, and improved indoor air quality. Sustainable building practices not only benefit the environment but also provide homeowners with healthier, more efficient living spaces. At Gastineau Log Homes, we are dedicated to building homes that are both beautiful and sustainable, ensuring a better future for all!