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Pros and Cons of Ranch Style Log Homes

By June 16, 2021July 13th, 2022Uncategorized
Trails End Floor plan

In today’s day and age, log homes come in a whole host of different designs, styles, and layouts. The most popular ones, however, are one and a half to two-story log homes. The popularity of the one-level “Ranch” style log home is soaring, especially because it boasts certain advantages that two-story designs lack.

If you’re torn on whether or not you want to go for one-story living, here are some advantages and disadvantages of Ranch style log homes.

Pro #1: Convenience

Having your entire life on one level is practical, efficient, and convenient no matter who you are or what you do. You can be connected to everyone in the home and have access to the heart of family life without ever needing to climb any stairs.

Pro #2: Creativity

A lot of folks tend to think of Ranch Style log homes as being archaic, dated, and out of style. The reality is, though, that one-level houses are no longer boring. Designs can be created to incorporate geometric angles, modern layouts, cathedral ceilings, and open concept living.

Pro #3: Separate Sleeping Areas

It’s very common to see not one but two master suites in ranch-style log homes. It’s nice to be able to get a separate and independent sleeping area when you need it most.

Pro #4: Longevity

Many people out there purchase or build a home with the intention of living there for as long as possible. Ranch-style log homes are perhaps the most practical in this sense because couples and families can grow with the house without physical limitations like stairs. No climbing is needed. No worries about personal injuries that will overwhelm you. One-level homes are always appealing to buyers, especially those who want to grow old in one special house.

Pro #5: Outside Access and Natural Light

In one-level living, nearly every room has direct access to the outdoor space as well as natural light for an illuminating vibe. Who needs a plethora of light bulbs when you’ve got the sun’s rays?

Pro #6: Open Concept

A one-story design allows for open spaces, cathedral ceilings, and a unified way of living. Rather than having chopped-up rooms, you’ll be able to entertain and live life in one, nice, open area.

Con #1: Cost

Like anything else, sometimes you’ve got to pay a little extra for comfort and peace of mind. One-story buildings are usually more expensive than alternative layouts because of the extensive roofing needed for a single-level house.

Con #2: Required Land

As you can probably guess, a ranch-style log home is naturally going to require more acreage for building and construction than a two-story design. You’ll want to consider how much land you have, how big your house will be, and if the sizing of both components is feasible for a one-level house.

Con #3: Loss of Extra Space

Do you like having a loft or office area upstairs for some peace and quiet? Well, this is something that is often lost with one-story house designs. Therefore, if some extra wiggle room is a necessity for you, you’ll want to prioritize this when building or buying a ranch-style log home.

If you are interested in building a Ranch style log home, why wait? You can get started now and even gather some ideas from the model homes we’ve completed here at Gastineau Log Homes. For more information about how you can get the log home process started, don’t hesitate to contact us today!