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Make Your Master Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Make Your Master Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Some designers say that your master bedroom should be the first room you design in your home.  It is your sanctuary, the place you wake up every morning and where you spend one third of your life.  It should be the most personal room in your home, so it should really exemplify your personality and life style.   Asses your needs and wants so that all the elements of rest and relaxation are achieved.

What type of design elements do you want in your master bedroom?

Consider where in your home you want to locate your master bedroom: on the first or second floor, for example.  Would you prefer the bedroom in the front of the house or facing the rear.  Do you want access to porches or decks off the master?  How many windows and how much natural light do you want in this room?  Should you consider a vaulted ceiling or a flat ceiling?  You may want to consider certain design elements like beams, ceiling fans or a fireplace in the bedroom. How much closet space will you want and what relationship should you consider between the bedroom and bathroom?  Should the bathroom be part of a master suite or separate?


Will you want a large master bedroom with a sitting area?

When you design a log home you will want to consider whether you should have enough space in the master bedroom to include a seating area.  A seating area would include enough space for a love seat, recliner and/or built in shelving/entertainment center. Many custom homes request a master bedroom that is larger than the living room and includes such design features as a cathedral ceiling, access to the deck, hardwood floors, and lots of natural light…a beautiful retreat.

Should you consider a fireplace for the master bedroom?

A fireplace can be a dominating factor in a room.  You should decide how big a factor you want it to play in the design of your master bedroom.  Your choice can be a large stone fireplace that is the focal point, a small electric fireplace that mounts to the wall, or anything in between.

What kind of lighting do you want in your master bedroom?

Take time to think about how you currently use the lighting in your bedroom.  Are you a reader? Do you need lamps? Do you like to have a ceiling fan with lighting attached? If you have a sitting area you need to properly light the area for maximum enjoyment.  Wall sconces can provide unobtrusive light.  A little planning can go a long way!

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