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Log Home Living is Good for Your Health

Log Home Living is Good for Your Health

We spend a large portion of our life inside our home. Shouldn’t it be a healthy choice? There are many reasons why a log home is good for your health and the environment.

Wood is free from all chemicals.

Gastineau guarantees that all logs come free of any chemicals on the logs or any chemicals that are used to produce insulation and drywall.

Log homes are able to withstand F4 tornados, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.

Log homes protect you from Mother Nature, with stronger walls that layer and attach each log row and securely interconnect and overlap at the corners. The log walls designed by Gastineau are able to meet code requirements for a firewall between the garage and the home.

Quality of the air is improved.

Since there are no chemicals, and reduced off gassing from chemicals, you will have a higher air quality in a log home.

Wood is the only building material that is a renewable resource.

Our health is linked to the health of our environment. Wood is the only building material that will naturally regrow and make “more” of itself. All other materials are either man made or are of finite quantities, like stone.

Carbon never leaves the cells of a tree as it grows.

If you cut down a tree, the carbon stays inside, and the new trees that are grown to replace it absorb more carbon. Young trees actually absorb the most carbon.

Log homes absorb heat naturally from the sun and radiate it back out as needed.

Log homes are more easily able to naturally heat and cool since they are a natural solar collector! The logs, beams and other massive wood material in the home are conducive for this purpose.

Manufacturing process is more efficient with less use of petroleum and electricity.

Production of a log home is simpler than using petroleum and electricity to produce manmade building materials. The mill cuts the raw log into the desired shape which is then delivered to the construction site of your new home. Manmade homes have a more complicated process which includes the delivery of insulation, drywall and sheathing to the building site.

Log homes will be energy efficient over the long term.

A log home will retain its R value forever, unlike homes that use manmade materials, such as fiberglass insulation that will not perform as well over the long term.


Gastineau Log Homes knows the process of building a healthy and environmentally-friendly home custom designed just for you and your family.  Our experienced staff is here to guide you through every step of building your dream log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your log home dream together.