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How to Select the Perfect Floor Plan for Your New Log Home

By August 2, 2019September 8th, 2022Building Process, Log Home Design
How to Select the Perfect Floor Plan for Your New Log Home

Choosing the perfect floor plan to match your dreams for your new log home may be time-consuming, difficult, and challenging.  You want to make sure you select the right space for your family and friends to gather and enjoy your new home. There are several considerations that will help you plan out your dream home to meet your vision for the design of your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you prepare to choose the perfect floor plan.

Know Your Budget

Your budget will be a deciding factor when it comes to determining which floor plan accommodates your budget, lifestyle, and expectations for your new log home.  Be careful to examine the limits of what you can afford and stay closely within that budget.  If you are on a tight budget, you may want to look at floor plans that are rectangular since they are more economical.

Consider The Layout of Your Property

Choose a floor plan that fits the size and shape of your property and takes advantage of any views.  Some floor plans are customized to certain lot sizes and shapes so make sure to choose a floor plan that matches your property, not someone else’s property.

 Think About The Long-Term Use and Expectations For Your New Log Home

 A good question to consider is whether this floor plan will accommodate your needs as time passes.  Assume you may need extra space in the future since log homes are great places for family and friends to gather.  As your family grows, will the log home meet your needs?  On the other end, are you planning to retire in your log home?  You will want a floor plan that lends itself to easy maintenance.

Do You Want A Complex Or Simple Floor Plan?

Simple floor plans are less costly and easier to build so your budget limitations will help determine how complex your floor plan is. Log homes with four corners are easier and less expensive to build than floor plans with less square design and many corners.

Your Unique Lifestyle Will Play A Role In What Floor Plan You Choose

Every person has a lifestyle with unique preferences in the number of rooms, size of rooms, entertainment centers, bonus rooms, kitchen style and sizes, living room, bathrooms, garages, porches, etc.  All these preferences come with a price and only you can determine what your priorities are for your new dream log home.

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