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Do I need an architect?

By September 15, 2023September 19th, 2023Video

The answer to this question is “It depends.” GLH has a team of experienced designers with the experience and knowledge to design your home to meet your needs, wants and desires. Our 3D blueprints with walk through capabilities and renderings let you experience your home before it is built. If you still need an architect, we can work with them to assure it is designed to accommodate the specific building requirements needed for proper log home construction.

Do I need an architect? – Video Transcription


Hi, Lynn Gastineau here. Another question we get all the time is, “Should I hire an architect to design my home?” The answer to that is “no”, because we have all the design capabilities here at Gastineau to help you design the home that will meet your needs and fit your property.

One thing that we have developed over the years is a program where you can literally walk through your home and see how it will be finished before it’s built. It really makes the decisions a lot easier because you can actually see what the finished home is going to look like.

A lot of our customers do know, have a good opinion, or feeling for what they want in their home. However, if you don’t, we can guide you through the design steps.

The other thing is an architect is not typically trained in the proper methods of building a log home. They may design something that is not a good idea to build in that way. We can prevent those kinds of issues.

The only time an architect can come in handy or be worthwhile is if you have very site-specific situations. Where the location is very difficult to build on, or you’re trying to incorporate passive solar, and you need to thoroughly investigate the orientation of the home. So, in those situations, an architect may be useful.

Generally, I would say “no” and we can provide you all the design services that you need here at Gastineau Log Homes.