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How to Design Your Dream Bathroom: An Key Feature of Your Log Home

By February 8, 2019December 14th, 2022Log Home Design
How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms have surpassed kitchens as the most popular remodeling project. Designing your dream bathroom sanctuary requires careful space planning and consideration of your needs as you incorporate leading bathroom design trends, and create a spa-like bath setting.  Bathrooms are some of the most expensive rooms in your new home, just behind the kitchen, and have some of the most important features.  Today many bathrooms are larger than a bedroom!

Master Bathroom

When planning a master bathroom you will have to decide what your priorities are in design features.  Do you want a separate soaking tub and shower, or a tub with a shower, or even just a shower?  Do you want a separate space for the toilet or to include it in the room?  Do you want a door between the bathroom and the bedroom?  The answers to these questions will determine how much space you need to make sure you have in your floor plan and design.  These answers also make a large impact on your plumbing budget.

Powder Room or Half Bath

Today, most people prefer to have a separate bathroom for guests if it is in their budget.  This can be a small space and have a simple vanity and toilet.  Just because it is a small space does not mean it has to be boring.  Using a vibrant rich color can make a room look expensive at a low cost.  The powder room with a door leading to the hallway is a popular choice.  Additionally, it is sometimes placed in a location near a utility room, mud room or garage rather than off the living room or kitchen.

Second Floor Bathrooms

If you are building a two-story home that has bathrooms upstairs, and you are using an exposed beam floor system, remember that allowances have to be made in the design for all of the plumbing pipes.  There is no “cavity” in the floor to hide the water lines and drains.  Try to stack second floor bathrooms over other bathrooms, closets, or utility rooms.

Style of Bathroom

A bathroom is expensive to remodel, so you don’t want it to go out of style in just a few years.  You can easily date your home by your choice of plumbing fixtures.  Remember the avocado green or pale blue bath tubs?  They were quite popular at one time but are now the first things to go when a home is remodeled.  Think twice before doing something really trendy in a bathroom.  Go with more basic fixtures and get your unique touches from items that can be easily changed.

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