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10 Tips to Help You Design an Affordable Log Home

By December 5, 2018October 25th, 2022Building Process, Decision Process, Log Home Design
10 Tips to Help You Design an Affordable Log Home

There are many ways to save money while making sure you don’t skimp on the important design elements that will make your log home into the sanctuary you always imagined. These days, no one is saying that “money is no object” when designing and building a new home.  Your dream log home can also be an affordable log home if you consider some smart investments to get the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Use a stock design plan.

Consider using a stock design plan which has been built many times before to reduce construction errors.

  1. Rectangular design is the most economical.

Choosing a rectangular shape for your home may save you money.  Adding more than four corners will increase your construction costs.

  1. Consider an open floor plan to give you flexibility.

An open floor plan can keep your square footage down and give you options to be creative in how you utilize traditionally wasted space.

  1. Keep your home’s width to under 30 feet.

You may save money since once you go over 30 feet you will need to fortify support beams substantially.  The longer logs used to build your home will increase costs.

  1. Think about your long-term needs.

If you are considering building a guest house or a wrap around porch but cannot afford it now, plan your construction over several years so you have financial options to meet all your needs.

  1. A large portion of your budget may be used to clear the land.

As much as 35 percent of your budget may go to clearing your home site, excavating the foundation, creating a driveway and installing utilities. You may save money if you spend time doing a portion of the work yourself.

  1. A full basement is an affordable way to gain extra square footage.

Adding a basement to your design plans with roughed-in-plumbing and electrical lines can give you a cost-effective way to have additional living space.

  1. Stack two bathrooms back-to-back or above and below.

If you consider a design plan that does this you may be able to reduce the plumbing contractor’s work and save big.

  1. Keep your driveway short.

You may have dreams of placing your home far off the main road to keep your privacy.  You may save thousands of dollars in grading and compacting if you keep the driveway short.  You can also delay the installation of the driveway to allow the soil to settle and provide a more stable driveway over time.

  1. Opt for a simple roof line and conventional roofing system.

Choosing a single ridgeline instead of multiple roof planes may save your money.   Using a conventional truss or rafter roof system in the attic, with smaller, decorative timbers and non-structural tongue-and-groove decking may reduce your costs.

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