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Winterizing Your Log Home is Essential

By November 20, 2019July 19th, 2022Log Home Living
Winterizing Your Log Home is Essential

It’s that time of year. Clouds are on the horizon and a chill in the air indicates that winter is just around the corner. Don’t take the looming wintertime for granted.  You’ve invested a lot in a comfortable and beautiful log home.  If your log home will be vacant during the winter, you’ll want to start your winterizing efforts soon.

Why is Winterizing Your Log Home Essential?

The bottom line is to protect your home while it is vacant. Proper winterizing will:

  • Prevent unnecessary repairs.
  • Protect and prevent the possibly unhappy effects of harsh winter weather.
  • Save energy and save money while the home is unoccupied.

Key Steps to Winterizing Your Log Home

Follow these winterizing steps to protect and preserve your log home:

1. Make an action list of the things you will do to “close down” your home for the winter season. With a plan, you can avoid any oversights and you can use the same checklist to help you move back in during warmer weather.

2. Plumbing:

  • Turn off water at the exterior shut off to your home.
  • Open all faucets and drain all the waterlines.
  • Close the sink and tub drains.
  • Turn off the water heater and drain the heater and the expansion tank.
  • Drain the toilets.

3. Utilities:  Turn down the thermostat, keeping the inside temperature above freezing.

  • Unplug all appliances.

4. Work on the kitchen:  

  • Clean out the refrigerator and prop the door(s) open so that no mold accumulates. Also, clean out all ice and moisture from the freezer area.
  • Remove any dry or packaged foods from the pantry and cupboards and place them in sealed plastic containers so as not to attract bugs or rodents.
  • Remove any liquid items that could freeze and explode.

5. Work on the rest of the home:  

  • Vacuum all floors, carpets, and rugs to remove any sources of food that might attract critters.
  • Close flues and dampers.

6. Exterior:  

  • Check for and correct any leaks. Check weather stripping.
  • Clean out all rain gutters.
  • Securely lock your house at all entry points.

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