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What Questions should you Ask Your Log Home Provider?

By August 30, 2019September 8th, 2022Building Process, Log Home Design
What Questions should you Ask Before Hiring a Log Home Provider?

When it comes time to build your new log home, purchasing a log home package is an exciting step to realize your log home dreams. Each log home manufacturer has their specific purchase process, but there are universal basics that should apply and that you will want to consider.  Below are some questions to ask your log home provider during this process.

  1. Be clear about what is included and not included in the log home package. Your log home manufacturer should provide a detailed maintenance list that clearly outlines costs. If you are not sure what is included for a specific item on this list, clarify it in writing to avoid confusion or additional costs in the future.
  1. Understand the terms and conditions of the sales agreement. Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction before you sign.
  1. Understand how the payment process works for your log home package and the time frame for those payments. If you are financing your log home package make sure your bank signs off on the payment terms and timing as well.
  1. Clarify with your builder that any additional materials not included in the log home package are part of the estimate to build your home. You want to avoid any surprise expenses and costs associated with construction of your new home.
  1. Make sure you agree with your builder about the material delivery schedule established by the builder, dealer and log home manufacturer. Check to make sure any necessary equipment is on-site when building begins and that there is a designated person to do inventory when materials are delivered.
  1. Check to see what additional costs are associated with the delivery of the log home package to the building site. Make sure this is clear before you sign an agreement with the log home manufacturer.
  1. How many sets of final construction drawings will be made available to your builder by the log home manufacturer? You should receive 4-6 sets.  Ask to make sure there are no additional expenses associated with multiple sets of construction drawings.
  1. Determine who will prepare the energy study required to secure a building permit. You need to clarify whether the log home manufacturer or the builder will be responsible for the energy study.
  1. Who do you contact if there are any issues with delivery, material shortages, construction or design of your new log home? Make sure you know who has the authority to answer these questions.

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