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What is Biophilic Design?

By May 12, 2021May 19th, 2021Uncategorized

What is Biophilic Design?

As a general understanding, we know that people have an innate affinity for nature that dates back many years. But what is it called when we design homes, living spaces, and community spaces that integrate with the principles of nature? When you do that, you get biophilic design. There’s more to biophilic design than just adding plants to a space, however. It’s thought of as more of an ethos that shapes interior design in a way to improve mental health and well-being by bringing the outdoors inside because spending 90 percent of time indoors is bound to have adverse effects!

Log Home Construction and Biophilic Design

More and more homes are being built on properties that prioritize the view of the setting sun or the expansive forests and vegetation surrounding the land. As humans, we consistently gravitate towards nature and cozy places of refuge, and the typical log home elements truly embody the core principles of biophilic design.

Stress Relief by Nature

The benefits of nature and being outside are continuously promoted at seminars and speaking events. It’s been researched and proven that exposure to nature makes people feel better emotionally as well as reduces physical signs of stress. So, it would make sense that incorporating biophilic design into your home would provide you with the opportunity to slow down, take a beat, and just breathe.

Affirmation of My Observations for Over 40 Years

After over 40 years of simply talking to and listening to people who dream of living in a log home, we’ve heard a common sentiment. Everyone wants to have a space where they can breathe. They want to be able to relax in nature near a lake, creek, or forest and when they wake up, they want to enjoy the fresh air and listen to the crickets and frogs as they sit outside. And they want big, big windows where they can experience nature from inside without the hindrance of nosy neighbors or black-out curtains.

Why People Love Porches

Humanity’s innate yearning to be close to nature and have a place for withdrawal has fueled our desire for the addition of porches to our homes. In a nutshell, porches provide a sort of ‘mini retreat’ for our homes where we can unwind, relax, and let the worries of the day drift away.


Whether we are conscious of it or not, humans have constantly emulated the strategies of nature in our design and creations. From how we grow our food, to how we package and transport goods, it has always been present. An example of it being showcased in interior design is the unique patterning and coloring of i2 carpet tiles where the designers visualized how nature would create flooring and created a seamless and natural flow.

How a Log Home Connects You to Nature

We understand that biophilic design is a very expansive subject with many diverse implementation methods, but the fundamental basics of biophilia can explain our desire to immerse ourselves in nature. It helps us understand the “why” behind our desire to live in a space surrounded by natural products, and what better way to do that than with a natural custom-built log home.

Building with Gastineau Log Homes

If you have a strong biophilic desire to be more connected with nature, a log home may be a great choice for you. Come visit us at our Model Center on I-70 in central MO – we would love to customize the perfect natural space for you. We are now open seven days a week and have three model homes on-site that you can tour. Appointments are not required but highly recommended. Our hours are 8-5 Monday to Friday , 9-5 on Saturday, and 12-5 on Sunday.