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How We Help Homebuyers Realize their New Log Home Dream

How We Help Homebuyers Realize their New Log Home Dream

We’ve been helping people achieve their dream of living in a log home for over 40 years, and we have found there are a lot of ways we can help our prospective homeowners. We know how to make it easier for them to pursue their dreams of building a new log home.  Some people need guidance with the design and how to site it on their property.  Others need a connection to a builder.  While some need advice about obtaining financing.  Here are some ways we can assist with some of these challenges.

Weighing design options for your new home.

Many factors will go into the design of your home and we are here to help as you consider your design options.  For example, what square footage are your considering for the size of your new home?  Do you want a one-story, one and a half story or two-story home?  What rooms will you want for the main level and how many bathrooms will be incorporated into the floor plan?  These are just a few factors to think about as a starting point to building your dream log home.

Budgeting for your log home

We have useful information to guide you so that you don’t head down a path that will have a dead end. The last thing we want to do is design your dream home, but then discover it is above the amount you have set as your budget.  And equally important consideration is where you will build, as this decision will have a big impact on the total cost of your home.

Considering amenities and other options

Some of these options are connected to your building site, so we need as much information about the site as possible.  Do you dream about features such as porches, garages, sunrooms, hot tubs, swimming pools, or patios?  Do you have a view you are trying to capture or take advantage of?  Where will the driveway approach the home?  Our understanding of your budget will help guide the process as you make your decisions.

We are here to help you in the design process of your new log home.

We can either help you find the closest standard to your needs that modify it, or we can start from scratch and design a custom home that is just right for you.  Our CAD program can show you the interior view of your home from different locations to help you throughout the design phase.

Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience helping people realize their dream of building a log home. Contact us today and let’s explore your smart log home dream together.