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Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Log Home

By July 18, 2018July 21st, 2018Building Process, Decision Process
Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Log Home

You will save money, time and heartache if you consider our recommendations to avoid common mistakes home owners often make when building a log home:


1. Not giving enough consideration or time in the design process.

You should work closely with your producer or builder to help save thousands of dollars in material and labor costs as you go over your design and building plans.


2. Not sharing your budget plans with your designer, producer or builder.

The last thing you want is to exceed your budget by not being honest about what you are willing to invest in your new log home. By sharing your budget these experts will help navigate the true costs of building your dream home.


3. Not having everything agreed upon put in writing.

You want to avoid getting into a conflict about what you verbally agreed to in the design, construction and completion of your log home. Miscommunication is inevitable so make sure that everything you agreed to is put in writing.


4. Not clearly communicating with your manufacturer, builder and subcontractors.

Building a home is a big project with many people involved in the process. Communicating regularly with your builder will save you costly mistakes and help you avoid higher bills.


5. Not monitoring construction at the building site.

You should take the time to regularly observe the progress that is being made in constructing your new home and gear these visits to go over any details you envisioned for your dream home.


6. Going overboard on replaceable amenities.

You have limited investment dollars so don’t skimp on the quality of irreplaceable materials like logs or your foundation at the expense of replaceable items that you can upgrade later on, like countertops, and flooring.


7. Overlooking your electrical plan.

Review electrical plans as you do for the plumbing and HVAC system. You want to have the right location, number, size and quantity of light fixtures and outlets.


8. Going cheap is not always the best plan.

Your lowest bid may be because the end product is actually of a lower quality. Are all the materials necessary being used to build a quality home? Will the cheaper provider be around in two years when you need help?


9. Texting rather than talking.

The quickest way to miscommunicate is to go over complicated plans or expectations by text rather than by verbal communication.


10. Not getting a proper estimate on the true cost of your land.

Where you buy your land will determine how expensive it is to access your property from the road, and to put your infrastructure in place.  It is more expensive to build on an extremely remote location because accessing it will be much more difficult.


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