7 Steps To Your Dream Home

These are the seven things you need to do to get construction started on your new log home. Some of these may be done concurrently, so this list does not necessarily have to be done in this order. They are:

1.Get pre-qualified for your loan if you are going to borrow money to build your log home.

2.Purchase land.

3.Choose a log home supplier based on the logs they use, the appearance you want for your home, their reputation and longevity in business, and the services they can provide to you. Don’t worry if they don’t have the perfect floor plan in their standard plan book.

4.Pick a floor plan or have a custom plan drawn. (GLH can provide these services.)

5.Order your log home package.

6.Secure financing.

7.Select a builder.

You are now ready to schedule delivery for your log home! We have added some helpful forms and information on this site to assist you in the process.

Want more information?

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