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The Oak Leaf – October 2013

By October 1, 2013June 28th, 2024Newsletter

Welcome Family to theOctober 2013 issue of The Oak Leaf! For new readers, this is a monthly newsletter that is sent by e-mail to those that have expressed an interest in Gastineau Log Homes. We use this as a way of communicating technical, design and industry information. For more information, check out our web site at

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Trivia Question: When does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving? (See the answer below.)


Another photo we received this month from a homeowner who built in 1990! Perfect Fall decorations for our October Oak Leaf.

America’s Worst Retirement Tax States: According to CNBC, tax heavy states to avoid for retirees include California, Connecticut, Maine, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont. Their analysis is based on several factors including state income tax, property taxes and Social Security taxes on benefits.

Gastineau celebrates 36 years in the log home business and ten years of Oak Leaf newsletters! GLH started business on October 1, 1977. We started in New Bloomfield, MO when the log home industry was in its true infancy. (And I was too at 23 years old!) And I just realized today that I have been writing and sending out the Oak Leaf for over 10 years! If you would like to see some of the earlier versions, click on Archived Newsletters.


Congratulations to our dealers Colleen and Dennis Gabel in Fleetwood, PA! They won the blue ribbon for “Outstanding Outdoor Exhibit 2013” at the Oley Valley Community Fair. This Fair has been a local fair for 65 years supporting farming, Four-H and local businesses. The Gabels have exhibited each year at the fair since 2008. Congratulations Collie and Dennis!

ApolloIIProdSmallSolar Shingles: The big names in the shingle industry have come out with some pretty impressive solar shingles. With its maximum output potential, they can generate most or all of the electricity your home uses during the day. And if you don’t use all the electricity your roof makes, the excess power flows back through your meter into the power grid, causing your electric bill to go down even further. Dow and Certainteed both have products on the market. And solar is becoming more cost effective and common in homes across the US as explained in the Yahoo article.


This is a great shot of what is called a “crawlspace” foundation. This is a poured concrete wall foundation. (Concrete block is more commong in some parts of the country.) Construction is identical to construction on a basement; the wall is just not as tall in a crawlspace foundation. Note the ventilation and hole for utilities to enter. Gravel is on the ground. Plastic will be put on top of the gravel to minimize and control moisture from the ground. Piers are in place to support the girder beam and the roof system load bearing points.


The sill plate is on and you can see the anchor bolts that extend up from the foundation wall. The first row of logs will be attached to this “J” bolt. Your home is literally bolted to the foundation! They are setting the parallam girder beam that is a standard component in a GLH Deluxe package.

Have you heard of “Pot fillers faucets” for your kitchen? Wouldn’t this be handy? Ask your plumber how much it would cost to add one of these to your kitchen during construction. But don’t forget the cost of the faucet! I have heard they can be pricey.


What do you do when you have sloping ceilings in a bedroom or need extra beds? Here are two great ideas! Build bunk beds into the sloped space. (Your feet don’t need much head room!) Lots of people tell us they need extra guest sleeping space. These bunk bed designs are imaginative, fun and anyone would love to bunk down in one of them!


MOVE IN DAY! This photo was sent to us by a customer who is taking a break while moving into their new Gastineau Log Home!

Construction Seminar Schedule for 2013:

Our seminars are over for 2013. Next month we will post our 2014 schedule. (Can we really be thinking about 2014 already??)

Fall Open House at Pennsylvania Oak Log Homes, Model Home
Saturday, October 19, 2013, 10am – 4pm
131 Oley Furnace Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522
For info, call 610 – 790 – 7479 or email

->Answer to the Trivia Question: Canada celebrates far earlier than the US! Their Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October each year. So Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians this month! In the US, we have to wait until the fourth Thursday in November as proclaimed on October 11, 1782!

Quote of the Month: ” Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. “- Charles Swindoll