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A Single Story: The Benefits of Living in a Ranch Style Home

Ranch Log Home Living

The ranch style log homes built today are not the 1200 to 1500 square foot homes of the 1950s. Far from being boring, today you can have many creative angles and unique design features that are just as attractive as any you find in a story and a half log home design.  You can include cathedral beam ceilings, custom glass and unique roof designs.  There is nothing boring about these homes.

Log homes are traditionally a story and a half or two-story design.  Today, however, let’s dive into the reasons many people choose a one-story or ranch design home. An obvious advantage of having everything on one level is more convenient and easy access to everything you need.  This is true whether you want to quickly reach young children’s bedrooms in the middle of the night, or if you are older and are tired of climbing stairs.


Separation of sleeping areas

Many people like to have the master suite separated from the other sleeping areas and this is easily done in a ranch style home. Two master suites are a common request from our customers and a design that is easily accomplished.

Aging in place

Most of our customers do not plan to sell their home. They intend to live in their home as they age and plan accordingly. A one-story design with wider halls and doors and without stairs can accommodate physical limitations that may occur in the future.

Access to outside living spaces and natural light

With a single-level design, almost every room can have access to the outside with windows and doors, bringing in more natural light and providing access to your view.

Eliminates stairs

In designing many of our two-story homes, the challenge of making the stairs meet today’s building codes can be quite an issue. A one-story home often eliminates this problem, creating more living space.


Higher cost

The cost is usually more to build a one-story than a story-and-a-half design of the same size. The foundation and the roof will be bigger and therefore cost more.

Large lot or land required

A one-story home is going to require more land to build on than a home with a smaller footprint. This is probably not important if you are building on acreage.  It may be important, though, if the location you intend to build on is not very big.

Loss of flexible space

Often in log home designs there is a loft or space on the second level that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as an office, craft room or guest room. If this is important to you, you need to plan for it in your one-story floor plan.

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