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Should You Include One Story or Two in Your Dream Home Design Plans?

By February 28, 2019March 1st, 2019Building Process, Decision Process, Log Home Design
Should You Include One Story or Two in Your Dream Home Design Plans?

Over the last few decades we have come to love two story homes and large square footage to accommodate everything we desire from exercise rooms, man caves, office space, elite kitchens, and extra storage.  When building a new log home, the first thing to decide is whether you want everything on one floor or space on a second story.

There are some practical advantages and limitations to both choices.

Two Story Homes— Pros

  1. It costs less per square foot to build a two-story home since the most expensive aspect of building a home is the excavation of the foundation and the installation of the roof and rafters, which are all built on a smaller footprint.
  2. You will save on installation of utilities since plumbing and wiring have less distance to travel in a smaller footprint.
  3. More outdoor space is available since you are taking up less land to build a two-story home.
  4. More versatility is available in your home design since you can have porches, connectors and bump-outs.
  5. Upstairs bedrooms offer more privacy.

Two Story Homes – Cons

  1. Stairways can take up to 100 square feet of living space and add to building costs.
  2. Ceiling heights are typically lower than a single-story home and lack varied heights from room-to-room.
  3. Stairs can invite accidents or pose dangers to the elderly or children and may limit mobility.
  4. Construction takes longer to build a second story and possibly attic, plus a deeper foundation, and staircase.

One Story Home – Pros

  1. More living space is available per square foot, especially since there is no need to build a staircase.
  2. The lack of staircase is safer and eliminates the risks of falls or limited mobility.
  3. Easier to “age in place” for older occupants who can stay in the home until retirement.
  4. Space-saving home design since you will need fewer bathrooms in a one-story home, and can save money by combining room functions such as a mudroom/laundry room combination.
  5. One-floor living enables more variation in ceiling heights and skylights.

One Story Home – Cons

  1. You will pay more per square foot to build a one-story home since there is a larger footprint, which requires a bigger foundation and roof. Plumbing and heating/AC systems will need to extend the length of the home which may be more expensive.
  2. Less privacy since all rooms are eye-level for the passing world to see.
  3. Resale value is lower since on average two-story homes command higher prices, and are in greater demand by families.

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