The Oak Leaf – July 2020


Hybrid Homes:

How Gastineau is more than just a log home company!


Welcome to the July 2020 issue of The Oak Leaf, written by Lynn Gastineau, President of GLH. For new readers, this is our monthly newsletter sent to those that have expressed an interest in Gastineau Log Homes. We use this as a way of communicating technical, design and industry information.

CCaycedo.242097 Rear Perspective copy


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I am sure you have heard the term “hybrid” in one way or another. It seems to have penetrated all facets of life: smartphones (phone + camera), hybrid dogs (Chiweenie: Dachshund+ Chihuahua), and of course hybrid cars. And the term is also prominent in the log home construction world!

When used in construction, the term “hybrid” is more difficult to define and it is different from one company to the next. The general definition of a hybrid home is one that uses multiple construction types to create the structural shell of the home. For this months Oak Leaf, we want to explain our Gastineau Hybrid Log Homes, how they can be constructed, and how we can take one of our standard plans and turn it into your dream.


Hybrid persplauderdale front perspective

These two homes are the same floor plan!

Believe it or not, these two homes have the exact same footprint….the difference is one is a hybrid home with a single pitch roof while the other is traditional log construction. Our client loved the floor plan of our standard Lauderdale plan but wanted a more “modern” exterior design with post and beam construction. And this is the beautiful result!


Caycedo.242097 Kitchen1


A large portion of the home is all timber framing and glass. The roof is beamed with a single pitch roof. There is not a loft or second floor in this home but if there were, it would have been done with the exposed beam system like our full log homes.



Caycedo.242097 Living

Have a beautiful view you can’t get enough of? A wall of windows can help.


lauderdale first floor planThis is the standard Lauderdale floor plan



Caycedo 1st Floor PlanHere is the custom revised floor plan with hybrid construction. Note that only the living space floor plan is changed.


Why use Gastineau for your Hybrid home?

We have over 40 years of designing custom homes for people just like you. We will work with you to find the perfect floor plan with the look you prefer and with a variety of materials. We can provide the timbers you need to achieve that “one of a kind” home that truly reflects you and meets the needs of your family. We can take our knowledge of timber and design and put it to work for you to create your dream home.

Caycedo.242097 Front Perspective copy

This is the rear of the home. The exterior walls are built of 2 X 6 framing with LP SmartSide exterior siding, a no maintenance siding that is available in a multitude of colors. Other sidings can be used, however, such as stone, poplar bark or even log siding.



Open Houses:

With the lifting of the social distancing order effective May 4th, the GLH Model Home Center on I-70 in central MO is now accepting walk-ins again! Our hours are Monday – Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 9-5, Sunday by appt only. We have three houses available to tour! Click here for more, including directions.

2020 Construction Seminar Schedule:

Click here for information on our one day construction seminars.

Due to COVID-19, all seminars have been postponed until further notice. We hope to schedule one soon!

Answer to the Trivia Question:

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Quote of the Month: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison