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Land-Buying Tips for Your Log Home Site

By June 14, 2018Uncategorized
Land-Buying Tips for Your Log Home Site

When you’re trying to choose a site for your log home to be built, there are a number of factors you should consider which will help you to narrow down the choices, so that you can begin to consider the specific advantages of individual sites. Choosing the ideal location for your new log home is something you don’t want to get wrong, because it can have serious consequences later on. Before you actually buy the property, keep some of these tips in mind.


Details about the site

While you might be very attracted to a secluded locale just brimming with natural beauty, you need to take into account the difficulty of actually building there. For instance, building on a hilltop can make for a very challenging construction process. If you’re thinking about locating your log house in an area that typically receives heavy snowfall, you may have to install a reinforced roof, so as to manage the load.

Any home which is situated near the water may require a specially built septic system, or you may have to implement measures which can help protect against erosion. An oceanfront site might need reinforcement against hurricanes or other storms, as well as protection against potential flooding. All of these by the way, should factor into your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Another consideration about geographic location is that cost will always be influenced by the area of the country where you choose to build. Material costs and labor costs differ widely throughout the country, and if you’re looking for the best bargain, the Midwest and Southeast sections of the country lead the way currently, whereas the Northeast and the West are likely to be far more expensive.


Avoid resort areas

If you’re thinking about building in a resort area, you should expect to pay three or four times more money than you would for the same parcel of land situated somewhere else. If that resort life is what you truly crave, and you have the means to build your home alongside other expensive properties, then this won’t be an issue. However, you should also keep in mind that when building in a resort area, you are likely to be subject to limitations on size and style of the home that you want to build, and your dream log home may not even be an allowable option in a resort area.


Tailor location to your interests

A huge part of your decision should be influenced by the kinds of activities and hobbies that you enjoy doing, and which you envision for yourself as part of your log home lifestyle. If you’re a person who loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing and hunting, narrow down your property choices to those locations which feature abundant opportunity for your favorite recreational pastimes.


Practical considerations

Although you should definitely keep your main interests in mind as a guiding factor, you also have to take account of some very practical considerations as well. For example, you will need access to medical care, grocery outlets, some kind of power utility, and ideally, potential for fire and/or rescue service. If you have a family, you’ll also need to find a nearby school, and general shopping availability.


Regional hotspots

The reason it’s worthwhile considering regional hotspots throughout the country is that there are some great bargains to be obtained, where land is offered at reduced prices while still offering prime property. Some of these ideal locations can boast of the proximity to national parks and forests, while also providing opportunities for hunting, fishing, golfing, and boating. Some areas of the Southeast fall into this category, for instance Georgia and North Carolina, but with a little research you may be able to find others which suit your needs and which really appeal to you.

We know the process of finding land and building a custom home may seem daunting but the family at Gastineau Log Homes has done it countless times, and we are here to help you every step of the way!  Contact us, and let’s explore your log home dream together.