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How to Safeguard your Log Home when Building by the Water

By October 15, 2019July 19th, 2022Uncategorized
How to Safeguard your Log Home When Building by the Water


What could be more relaxing than sitting on the back porch watching the sunset over a beautiful lake?  Many homeowners consider living in a log home near a lake, river or beach to be the ultimate dream.  If you are among those who desire to have a waterfront log home, here are a few design and maintenance issues to consider as you work towards realizing your dream.

Plan for Exposure to Surroundings

Whether you build a home by freshwater or the ocean, you will need to plan for exposure to surrounding elements.  You may love to have a wide-open waterfront view but plan to protect your log home from exposure to both indirect and direct sunlight which could deteriorate log stains and allow water to seep in. Any added moisture may also enable rot to occur.  Be sure to be diligent and always use high-quality stain, sealants and other wood care products. The wind blowing over a beautiful lake or from the ocean will carry water deposits which will expose your walls to extra moisture.

Pay Attention to Municipal Building Restrictions

Make sure that you are aware of local municipal building codes and restrictions when building a waterfront log home including height restrictions, setbacks from the water’s edge and special considerations for possible flooding or hurricanes.  There typically are building requirements related to windows and roofs to help homes withstand high winds from severe storms.

Protect your Log Walls from the Elements

One successful way to protect log walls from the elements is to design wide roof overhangs and build wrap-around porches or covered decks to minimize exposure to the sun and rain.  If building in coastal environments, you should carefully consider the wood species you use.  Cypress has a natural resistance to rot and holds up well in beach environments, where homeowners contend with sun, wind and salt air.

Keep Up Regular Maintenance

To keep your waterfront log home strong and good looking for many years, regular upkeep is necessary.  Budget upfront for high-quality log treatments and exterior finishing products.  Living by the water may require you to reapply log stain every two to three years.  Darker stains and those with gray contain a pigment that may provide better protection for your logs.  Inspection of your log home exterior condition is recommended twice a year in early spring and then again in the fall to assess for damage during the winter and summer months.

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