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How did the log home industry start?

By September 15, 2023September 19th, 2023Video

Log homes were not offered as a mainstream housing option until the 1970’s. Why did log home companies begin offering their products? Whose idea was it to start building log homes after 150 years of them being extremely rustic cabins out in the woods? Who started making these log homes? Find out here.

How did the log home industry start? – Video Transcription


Hi Lynn Gastineau, I wanted to share with you how the log home industry got started because I think it’s a really interesting subject. Most businesses develop because somebody invents a better mousetrap, and then somebody else tries to sell it. However, this industry is actually a completely consumer-driven industry. Log homes started being made because consumers, people, wanted to build a home. It wasn’t because somebody had been doing a bunch of R&D and decided that log homes were a great thing to live in, and they decided to start making them and see if people wanted to live in them. That’s not how it happened. People started going to sawmills and saying, “Would you cut me logs for a log home?” Then, smart people realized that there was an industry there, a market, and they started building them. So, it’s been really interesting. I think we’re all here in this industry because we’re meeting customers’ needs, wants, and desires. It’s not because anybody came up with a great idea to start a log home company. We’re just meeting market demand and fulfilling people’s dreams, you know, making their dreams come true. And I think that is really cool.