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GLH Offers Unlimited Options for Your Log Home Design

By December 19, 2018November 22nd, 2022Building Process, Decision Process, Log Home Design
GLH Offers Unlimited Options for Your Log Home Design

Gastineau Log Homes is here to help you achieve the home of your dreams and to guide you in the many options available to build a custom home. What do we mean by options?  We have many standard plans and standard materials to provide pricing and a starting point for the construction of your log home.  But there is no limit to the options the we can provide to build your dream home.  Both in materials, sizes, logs, building systems and in design!  We are able to custom-build your home, and guide you through the process to create the perfect log home for you and your family.

Let’s get started on your home design!

At Gastineau Log Homes we have many standard options, but often they are not the “perfect fit” for your site or your family.  Maybe you like the floor plan of one home but prefer the exterior design elements from another.  We can blend the two so that you have both the interior and exterior that you love.  Maybe you have a custom design either in your head or one you found in a magazine, our Design Department is very talented in helping you achieve the perfect customized design for you and your family.

Preplanning for your dream home is an option.

What do you do if you have a lot on a lake that you want to use as a vacation home now and build your retirement home later?  One customer built a vacation home that he later converted to a garage and guest home, when he built the Seven Gables retirement home of his dreams next to it.

Are there limitations because it is a log home?

NO!  You can build anything into a log home that you can put in any other type of housing.  Just because something is “standard” in your package does not mean it has to be built that way.

We are able to use new building materials and methods as they evolve.

Building materials and methods are constantly evolving.  We are able to incorporate the latest trends in design elements to meet your specifications.  Do you have specific features you want in your new home? Just let us know!

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

One of the most popular “options” we sell is wood to cover the ceilings and partition walls in homes.  Why is this an option and not standard?  Because some people don’t want wood everywhere.  Many people want a mix of drywall and log walls.   You may specify how much wood you want and whether you prefer oak, pine or cedar.  You tell us and we will include it exactly where you choose.

Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience  helping people realize their dream of building a log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your affordable log home dream together.