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Did You Know GLH Offers Handcrafted Pine Log Homes?

By January 18, 2019November 22nd, 2022Decision Process, Log Home Design
Did You Know GLH Offers Handcrafted Pine Log Homes?

When considering building a new log home, ask yourself if you might like a handcrafted log home instead of a traditional log home?  Most people who chose a handcrafted log home do so because they like the look.  When you think of your dream log home, do you envision walls of great big logs of different sizes?  If you do, then a beautiful handcrafted log home may be for you.


What are some of the differences between a handcrafted and milled log home?

First off, these homes are almost exclusively made of some species of Pine.  We prefer to use Douglas Fir, as it is extremely strong and stable.  This type of construction requires the logs to be very long without much natural taper to the tree.  An Oak tree does not meet these requirements.

How is the design, manufacturing and building process different than our “regular” log homes?

For a handcrafted home, there are some design considerations that we must make to allow for the structural differences.  The manufacturing process is somewhat longer because the logs have to be sourced, scribed and prebuilt prior to sending to the site.  A crane is required for a couple of days on site, but the log walls and the roof beams are typically completed within 2 to 3 days.  The total building time required is about the same as our other log homes.

What is the cost difference to build a handcrafted log home?

If the design is simple, the cost of a handcrafted log home is probably about 10 percent more than our traditional homes.  As the design becomes more complicated with more corners and roof engineering, the cost may increase.

How are the gable end exterior and interior finishes different than in a traditional log home?

Log siding is not used on the exterior or interior of the gable ends of a handcrafted log home.  Most people use some sort of wood siding for the gable ends and dormers.  In our traditional log homes, we typically use matching log siding.  Because of the nature of the handcrafted homes, this is not possible.

What about maintenance?

Particular care is taken to increase overhangs to minimize the maintenance required.  The logs are closely scribed so that chinking is not required.

Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience helping people realize their dream of building a log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your affordable log home dream together.