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Elements to Consider in to Design a Fireplace You Love

Elements to Consider in to Design a Fireplace You Love

What is a log home dream without a fireplace?  Many of us imagine with warmth and glow of the crackling fire in our log home.  But how do you design a fireplace you love?  Here are our tips!


Where will it be?

The single most important decision when you design a fireplace in your home is to determine the location.  A fireplace can be a focal point as well as divide areas into rooms without using walls.  A fireplace in a central location that also divides the rooms is one of the most expensive options.  It requires rock on more square feet of surface and the cost of the rock and the labor is significant.   A central fireplace has to have support from the foundation, which can increase the cost.  Other important decisions include:


Will the fireplace use wood or gas?

Most log homes are built in areas that do not have access to natural gas and therefore you must use propane.  You will have to consider the expense of a tanks as an offset to the cost of wood.


What type of material will you use on the face of the fireplace?

It is really hard to tell the difference between “real” rock or “man-made” rock choices nowadays.  The man-made rock is a popular choice since it is lighter and does not need a substantial foundation.  There are many choices in the style of rock available.  The cost of the man-made rock is substantially less than using real rock.

Would you prefer a pre-made fireplace unit with glass doors or an open firebox?

Pre-made units are typically more efficient and will generate more heat from your wood.  But if you are dreaming about a really original look, you can only achieve that with an open firebox.

Do you want lights shining on the fireplace?

Do you want lights around your fireplace?  Will you need electrical outlets to place something electrical on the mantle?


You will need to determine the shape of your fireplace.

There are certainly several options for the shape of your fireplace.  That said, while some fireplaces have unusual shapes, but most are fairly straight from the bottom to the top, possibly with a slight taper toward the top.  A smaller flue/top of the fireplace lowers the cost of the fireplace so that could be a consideration.

How much should you budget for the cost of a fireplace?

You can spend from $3,000 to $25,000 (or more) for a basic fireplace.  Remember that a fireplace may be added later if it is going to stretch your investment limit.  You can put the foundation supports in now but add the fireplace later when you have more funds available.  Or you could put in a wood stove to provide extra heat in your home. Some wood stoves even have designs with glass doors to provide some of the ambiance a fireplace provides.

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