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Find the Perfect Loft Design for Your New Log Cabin

By August 15, 2018August 20th, 2018Log Home Design
Loft Design

Lofts are a favorite design feature in many log homes and are highly valued by a large number of log home owners.  Lofts have a variety of uses including as an open bedroom, office space or playroom. Loft space ideally looks down onto the main living area of the first floor of the home.


What are some elements to consider when creating a loft design?

When planning your loft design, you should think about how you want to use the space.  How much room do you need?  How much natural light?  How much privacy do you require?  What area of the home do you want it to look into?  How much time will you spend in the loft? Your GLH designer will take these considerations and incorporate the proper specifications into your home plans.


For best results, evaluate the following design elements for your loft:

Lighting the loft

Since sloped ceilings may be a challenge in lighting, and often create dark spaces as the ceiling slopes to the floor, recess lights and track lights are the most common choices for successfully illuminating a loft. The size of the fixture is important and should be scaled to the size of the room.


The railing of the staircase that leads up to the loft is a very visual design element in your main living space. The choice of railing you use can be modern, rustic or eclectic and should be complimentary to your cabinets and design style.

Design of loft, roof, and staircase must work together

The stairs must reach the top in a location that has enough headroom to function and meet code requirements. The roof design (dormer) determines where the location will be.  And the stairs should enter the loft in a way that is consistent with how you will use the loft space.  The roof engineering may require supports that will be placed in your loft area.

Loft floors

A popular choice for flooring is an exposed beam floor system. The decking used on top of the beams is a 2“ thick  T&G which serves as the ceiling for the first floor and the floor for the second level. The beams may be sanded or finished or carpeted over. A less expensive option for construction is a 2 X 10 floor joist with plywood flooring and drywall ceiling for the first floor.

Wood vs drywall

There are no rules as to what you have to use or where in your loft design. This is strictly up your personal preference in how you want the loft to look with wood or drywall, or a combination of both.


Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience helping families realize their dream of building a log home.  We are here to help you in the design process of your new home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your log home dream together.