• Have you ever thought about having your own business?
  • How about being your own boss?
  • Do you have good skills dealing with people?
  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Do you desire to operate a business and sell a product that you totally believe in?

If your answers to the above questions are yes then please allow us, the Gastineau Family to assist you in investigating the possibility of becoming a Gastineau Log Home Dealer. If you were to qualify, we will help you in making this career move. This move would definitely alter your family’s present generation as well as future generations. It will never be easier than now to make this transition. The present day market for Gastineau Oak Log Homes has never been better and it continues to increase daily. Gastineau Log Homes continues to set the standard for quality, efficiency and value in log homes. This is because we manufacture our products with the Missouri Ozarks finest oak tree heartwood. Our exclusive contacts in the oak industry allow us to offer the quality of oak for comparable prices to other wood types. Our manufacturing skills, log home builder network and customer service ranks second to none.

Now Is The Time

The reason for today’s intense sales in Log Homes is simply the recent surge in the purchasing of retirement and recreational homes. This buying deluge has been brought on by the nation’s “Baby Boomers” looking for and buying their retirement homes or second homes. Most of them are healthy, highly solvent and qualified to charge out and search for their “Dream House”. The rush is on and it will take people like you to establish and operate a Gastineau Log Home Dealership to help and provide the correct answers and needs for the “Boomers” as well as the normal everyday non-boomer customer.

An Attractive Niche

If you are unaware, the log home industry is a small niche in national home building. Log home construction constitutes 7% of the custom homes built in the U.S. annually. If this business opportunity interests you, you might consider calling Gastineau at 1-800-654-9253 (Toll Free) and request a Log Home Dealership Information Package be sent to you. You will be surprised by what this proven and successful opportunity offers.

We Want To Hear From You

We are always looking for good qualified people to represent us in the market place as our Log Home Dealer. They will follow our marketing strategy, develop their exclusive and protected territory and deliver exceptional customer service to our buyers. Your commitment will be matched by Gastineau’s commitment to make you successful.

We offer four options of operation for our Log Home Dealership. The program is designed with different levels to allow for various business goals and compensates the Dealer accordingly.

Our Team Is Behind You

Once accepted as a future Gastineau Dealer, you will make arrangements to attend a three day Dealer Training Seminar in Missouri. This seminar will consist of initial orientation, ongoing training in product, process and customer service. During your seminar, you will be assigned an in-house company representative who will be referred to as a “DCA” (Dedicated Customer Assistant).This person will be your home office personal representative. They will be there for you to assist you in all phases of your Log Home Dealership operation, especially customer relations.

Please take the first step toward building your own rewarding relationship with Gastineau Log Homes. If you would like living in an above average income atmosphere call today for your Log Home Dealership Information Package. “Spend a little of your time with us and watch it become a lifetime”.

Looking forward to discussing the Gastineau Log Home Dealership opportunity with you soon,

Lynn Gastineau

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