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Advantages of Log Homes vs Conventionally Framed Homes

By September 15, 2019August 12th, 2022Benefits of Oak, Log Home Design, Log Home Living
Advantages of Log Homes vs Conventionally Framed Homes

The natural surroundings and rustic ambiance of a log home allow homeowners to easily connect with mother nature. The natural setting provides rich rewards not typically found in conventional timber home neighborhoods. This is just one of many advantages that the log homeowner experiences versus those with homes that are conventionally constructed.

Log Homes are More Sustainable

Since log homes are built with trees that are a renewable resource, they are naturally more sustainable.  Log homes have a solid green pedigree since they do not deplete as many natural resources and are better for the environment.  When a home is made from solid logs, the wood used does not emit carbon, thereby reducing carbon emissions.  Many log homes are built out of standing dead timber, enabling dead timber to be harvested and used.

Log Homes are Long Lasting

Modular log homes typically last longer than traditionally built brick homes. This means that fewer resources are used when people build their homes out of wood, rather than bricks.  There are log homes in Europe that are still standing that date back over 800 years.  Log homes have a better record of successfully weathering Mother Nature’s wrath when the worst of storms strike.

Log Homes are Energy Efficient

Log homes are 30 percent more energy-efficient, assuming they are sealed properly.  Wood naturally stores heat, which helps keep a home warmer in the winter than conventionally built homes. Many builders routinely build log homes to meet the Department of Energy’s “Energy Star” standards to be 30 percent more efficient than what building codes require.

Log Homes are Easy to Build

A log home can be framed onsite faster than a conventional stick home, which reduces exposure to the elements and the likelihood of weather-related damages or mold and mildew problems.  A log home with the right crew and building system can be constructed weather tight in about two weeks. A conventionally built home takes much longer to frame which results in greater exposure to the elements and a better chance of mold and mildew problems.

Gastineau Log Homes has over 40 years of experience helping people realize their dream of building and maintaining a log home.  Contact us today and let’s explore your dreams together.