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9 Energy Saving Tips for Your Log Home

By November 11, 2019July 19th, 2022Building Process, Log Home Design
9 Energy Saving Tips for Your Log Home

You’ve dreamed of owning a unique and beautiful log home—one you can enjoy for years to come. You want to build a home that is earth-friendly, long-lasting, resistant to nature’s wrath and super energy-efficient. Now, your dream is becoming a reality as you plan for your own energy-saving log home.

Keys to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

To bring your dream to reality, make sure you address these three key aspects:

  • Choose a quality energy saving log home supplier. Choose one that has quality materials, the design capabilities and plans that will suit you and all the services that you need. Choose one that has a great reputation and has longevity in the business.
  • Pick the floor plan that will suit you, or work with the supplier to develop your own custom floor plan. Consider all the key features that you need in your home.
  • Select a builder that you can rely on; one that the log home supplier recommends and has experience with.

9 Energy Saving Tips for Your Log Home

Start right by building your energy-saving log home using high-quality materials provided by your log home supplier and constructed specifically to plan by a quality builder. Use these tips to accomplish the energy-saving efficiencies that you desire:

  1. Upgrade to spray foam insulation. Even though log homes are very energy efficient, you can increase the thermal value by using spray-foam insulation in crawl spaces, gable ends and roof systems to seal up the home more completely.
  2. Once your home is erected and all windows and doors are installed, conduct a blower-door test to identify any energy trouble spots so they can be filled.
  3. Switch to energy-efficient LED lights.
  4. Install an on-demand water system, instead of the traditional water tanks which use much more energy.
  5. Carefully select highly efficient heating and ventilation systems.
  6. Use Energy-Star rated quality windows and doors.
  7. Select Energy-Star rated appliances.
  8. Install a programmable smart home thermostat system.
  9. Install split-flushing toilets and low-flow water fixtures.

Choose a Superior Log Home Manufacturer

Contact Gastineau Log Homes, based in Kingdom City, MO for your dream energy-saving log home. All Gastineau log homes include a complete structural package, design services, blueprints, and materials list, as well as our exclusive Quality Assurance Visit.