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10 Great Locations for Building Your Log Home

By December 9, 2019July 19th, 2022Log Home Living

You’ve been thinking about building the log home of your dreams and now you have two vital decisions to make. First, what professional builder will you use, and second, what log home location to select? Let’s bring those two key decisions together.

Selecting the Right Log Home Location

As you consider your log home location, you’ll want to think about a few things. Consider all of your personal location requirements including proximity to schools, roadways, utilities, access to city amenities and the outdoor environment.

Consider contacting the zoning authorities to determine if the zoning laws will permit you to build a log home there and then speak with your log home builder to ensure that they can service the locations that you are considering.

10 Great Locations for Building Your Log Home

These are 10 of the many wonderful log home locations that you can consider:

  1. Big Sky, Montana. This incredible area offers about all the outdoor sports opportunities that you can handle and is just an hour away from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park.
  2. Davis, West Virginia. This charming southern town calls itself “the gateway to nature’s playground,” and it offers all the beauty and benefits of the Monongahela National Forest.
  3. Estes Park, Colorado. This beautiful mountain area has a rich history of log homes and sits near the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  4. Douglas County, Minnesota. All the woods, water and winter you can enjoy, surrounded by 250 lakes and many rolling hills.
  5. Fannin County, Georgia. With many wooded trails, this is a hot spot for log home lovers, located in the North Georgia mountains.
  6. Garrett County, Maryland. This sparsely populated area has lots of open land and high peaks near the Backbone Mountain.
  7. Grafton County, New Hampshire. This area has wonderful scenery and is home to the White Mountain National Forest.
  8. Shenandoah County, Virginia. Home to rivers, wineries, small towns and abundant beauty.
  9. Hendersonville, North Carolina. Great Carolina’s beauty and the delightful culture of a mountain town.
  10. Waldo County, Maine. Lots of log homes here in this historic area due to it being known for its remarkable fall beauty.  

Choose a Superior Log Home Manufacturer

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